Education is the best friend. An educated person is respected everywhere. Education beats the beauty and the youth.



It gives me great contentment to share my thought and what is happening inside my mind with you through this institutional portal and it has been a defining moment in the history of this region that Sakshi Group is providing an array of courses (medical, engineering and nursing)  under its campus.

 Education is an only tool that makes mankind human in real sense and we can transfer knowledge, skills, values and culture generation to generation through only education. We at SITM are committed for creating an ambiance cultured graduates with better knowledge and newer ideas to become market leaders of tomorrow. We put emphasis on cerebral progress of students and provide an open climate to learn, individual inspiration, cultural outlook and positive growth favorable to national unity and global citizenship.

In today’s time, India needs to become a world power and developed nation with strong manpower, and this can only be achieved through the youth of today who have the power of ideas, ambition, ability and most importantly passion.


Mr. Radheshayam Rathore


Board of Director

Mr. Radheshayam Rathore



Er. Amit Rathore

Secretary/Managing Director


Dr. Hari Om Sharan